Noise Reduction

White Sound Backup Alarms
In 2009-2010, Port of Olympia became the first West Coast port to convert from annoying back-up beepers on seaport equipment to Brigade "white sound" reverse alarms. These state-of-the-art alarms protect workers without annoying neighbors.

All our seaport tenants have converted to the new alarms and the Port will require future tenants to have the new “white sound” reverse alarms.

The new alarms have a static electronic sound that alerts workers in the immediate area, but does not travel at the same distance and intensity as the traditional back-up beepers. This new technology is in full compliance with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
Aircraft Noise Abatement
View information about the Noise Abatement Procedures for aircraft using the Olympia Regional Airport and the Swantown Marina float plane docks.