East Bay Cleanup
The work proposed for 2016 is the remaining cleanup of parcels that make up the East Bay Redevelopment Site in downtown Olympia. This will leave clean properties that are ready for redevelopment.

Budd Inlet Environmental Cleanup
The purpose of this project is to evaluate and clean up the sediments throughout Budd Inlet, including both the East Bay and West Bay. Under a separate project, the evaluations regarding the extent and classification of sediment is being completed. This project will require several funding partners, including the City of Olympia, Washington Department of Ecology, and various industries. This is a multi-year project.

East Bay Trail Improvements - Design
The eastern side of the port Peninsula has the East Bay walking trail running the length of it.  Certain areas of the trail experience regular disposal of hazardous materials (hypodermic needles, human waste, garbage) and have visibility issues that cause safety concerns for the public.  It has been noticed that areas around the boatworks pond are being used for drug use and are attracting illegal activities and trail users feel unsafe.  The intent of this project is to evaluate the properties and recommend changes to the areas that would reduce health and safety concerns.
For additional information, please send inquiries to engineering@portolympia.com