Small Works Contracts



The Port utilizes the MRSC shared Rosters. MRSC Rosters is an online shared small public works (contracts under $300,000) roster and a consultant roster for local Washington State governments to efficiently maintain contractor and consultant information. To be eligible to bid on Port of Olympia small public works projects, join the Roster at  or call 206-625-1300. Select Port of Olympia in your account.

Equitably Disbute

The Port rotates solicitations among the contractors in a manner that will equitably distribute the opportunity among contractors within the trade category. Equitably distribute means that the Port may not favor certain contractors on the appropriate small works roster over other contractors on the appropriate small works roster who perform similar services.


The roster consists of various categories of work, such as asphalt paving, roofing and painting. The planholders list for each contract is developed based upon the applicable trade category. At least five contractors in the identified trade category are included on the planholders list.

If less than five are available, the Port may include additional contractors from a broader qualifying trade category, or advertise for bids. However, if the estimated cost of the work is from $150,000 to $300,000, the Port will notify the remaining contractors on the appropriate small works roster that quotations on the work are being sought. The Port has the sole option of determining whether this notice to the remaining contractors is made by: 

  • Mailing a notice to these contractors
  • Publishing a notice in a legal newspaper in general circulation in the area where the work is to be done
  • Sending a notice to these contractors by facsimile or other electronic means