TJ Quandt

Harbor Sr. Manager

Experienced Leader in the Marine Public Sector

TJ Quandt serves the Port of Olympia as the Harbor Sr. Manager, joining the team in 2019. His core responsibility is to lead Swantown Marina, Boatworks, and Fuel Dock in daily operations, facility upkeep, future growth, and business development.

As the Harbor Sr. Manager, TJ is responsible for the oversight of 9 staff members serving the boating community and 30 volunteers with the Harbor Patrol program.

TJ has spent his life dedicated personally and professionally to the marine industries. With over two decades of maritime experience, he has worked in various avenues including the Alaskan fisheries, Marine Trades, and the public sector Port Authorities. Prior to working for the Port of Olympia, he spent 10 years working for the Port of Port Townsend coordinating with Shipwrights, Marina tenants, and Non-Profits/Clubs on boating matters and events.

With his wide spectrum of marine experience, TJ knows that issues need to be examined from all perspectives and that the big picture is just as important as the small. He is a strong believer that growth is achieved by adapting, learning, and striving for our greatest potential and that it applies to both personal and professional life.

While his focus is often on sustainability, his true love is for his wife and two children, boats, community, events, and more boats.