Budd Inlet

Budd Inlet Sediment Investigation

The Port and the Department of Ecology are cooperating in ongoing investigations of extent and possible sources of dioxin contamination in sediments within portions of Budd Inlet. The Port completed an interim sediment cleanup and pilot study of sediments in two of the marine terminal shipping berths in 2009. The Port is currently working with Ecology to identify potential areas for additional investigation and cleanup of sediments adjacent to the Port peninsula.

The Port and Ecology recently negotiated an amendment to a prior Agreed Order to set out the work the Port will do to investigate the quality of sediments near the Port Peninsula and to investigate possible sources of contamination to Budd Inlet sediments. Information about the Agreed Order Amendment, which explains how to provide Ecology with comments on the Amendment can be found in this Fact Sheet.

July 2016: Response to Public Questions on Remediation Plan

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View more information about the Budd Inlet Sediment Investigation on the Department of Ecology's website.