The Port of Olympia’s Environmental Programs strive to support the organization in identifying and implementing environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in a manner that is consistent with the Port’s mission of providing economic benefits to the citizens of Thurston County.

The Environmental Programs focuses on four strategic areas:


To understand the local environment and advise Port leadership and staff on responsible environmental stewardship.


Through continual improvement in practices and stewardship, become an environmentally sustainable Port for current and future generations.


Environment FAQs

The Port participates with other governmental organizations on Budd Inlet cleanup and restoration opportunities through the Budd Inlet Restoration Interlocal Agreement. Partners in the agreement are the Port, City of Olympia, LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Washington State University Extension and Thurston County.

The Port complies with international and local building codes in both new construction and remodel work. Projects are designed to withstand a major earthquake with little or no damage. This was demonstrated in 2001 with the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake, which resulted in no damage to the Marine Terminal shipping berths and only light damage to the warehouse. This allowed the Port to be fully functional and ready to respond to the emergency as needed. The Cascade Pole sediment containment cells are designed to withstand a 100-200 year earthquake, with the berm along the shoreline designed for a 300-400 year earthquake.

The Port is meeting all the requirements of the City of Olympia. Specifically, as part of the ongoing Cascade Pole Site cleanup and management, approximately 1,110 feet of shoreline at the northeastern part of the Port Peninsula have either already been, or will be, raised 3-5 feet.

Port of Olympia Environment Staff

Don Bache

Cascade Pole Site Manager

Barb Tope

Environmental Project Manager

Lisa Parks

Executive Services Director


Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM

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