Public Records


The Port of Olympia is committed to make any and all public records available to the public upon request. The policy below defines how the Port will respond to requests.

If you are interested in requesting a public record, please complete the form below. Please be as specific as possible when describing the record(s) requested. Additionally, please indicate what action is requested:

Inspection Only

Public records may be available for inspection at the Port of Olympia administrative offices during Port hours. No fee will be charged for the inspection or location of public documents.


 Specify the number of copy(ies) requested and if the copy(ies) is to be delivered by mail, fax, or to be picked up in person. See the Records Request Fee Schedule below for costs.

Email (If possible)

See Electronic Files in the Records Request Fee Schedule below.

Record Request

Request for Public Records

Complete the following form to request Port of Olympia public records.

Fee Schedule

DescriptionUnit of MeasureCost
Copies, paperEach page$0.15
Copies, scannedEach page$0.10
Electronic filesPer 4 files$0.05
Electronic filesPer gigabyte of records$0.10
8 GB USB flash driveEach$7.00
16 GB USB flash driveEach$11.00
8 1/2 x 11 color copyEach page$0.50
11 x 17 color copyEach page$1.00
Postage100% of actual cost

The Port will waive charges under $2.00. Records will be released after the Port receives payment, when fees are applicable.