Strategic Plan



Approval of this resolution affirmed that the Port Commission is committed to creating and adopting a Strategic Plan that provides lasting organizational clarity while having elements that can be adaptable to address change.  The Port Commission also desires a Strategic Plan that is an aspirational document that gives guidance to the Port and acts as a tool to communicate to staff, stakeholders, customers, and the community about the role, vision, and focus of the Port of Olympia.

Additionally through this resolution, the Port Commission recognized that although the strategic planning efforts will continue through the process of setting commission priorities every two to four years after an election cycle and that the staff will continue to set action plans, it is their desire to memorialize the elements that make up the core of a strategic plan.

These elements are: Strategic Plan Structure, Identification of Mission Statement, Identification of Vision Statement, Focus Areas and supporting clarifying statements, Values and clarifying descriptors, and Planning and Governance Pyramid.