Contracting with the Port

Contract Types

  • Major Construction Contracts ($300,000 or more)
  • Personal Services
  • Professional Architecture / Engineering (A/E) Services
  • Purchased Services
  • Small Public Works Contracts ($300,000 or less) 


The Port utilizes the MRSC shared Rosters. MRSC Rosters is an online shared small public works roster and a consultant roster for local Washington State governments to efficiently maintain contractor and consultant information. To be considered for providing Professional Services to the Port of Olympia, join the Roster or call 206-625-1300. Select Port of Olympia in your account.

Equitably Distribute

The Port rotates solicitations among the contractors in a manner that will equitably distribute the opportunity among contractors within the trade category. Equitably distribute means that the Port may not favor certain contractors on the appropriate small works roster over other contractors on the appropriate small works roster who perform similar services.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Goals for Airport Projects

The Port has submitted its proposed DBE program plan to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Once approved, the plan and accompanying DBE goals for FAA funded airport projects through 2023 will be available here.

Prevailing Wage Laws and Contract Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2020, all businesses are required to have training before bidding and/or performing work on public works projects.

The Port of Olympia is a public agency, and per Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 39.12, prevailing wages apply on all public works projects at the Port. Prevailing wage rates are available on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website.

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