Port EDC

Port Economic Development Corporation


The Port Commission created the Port Economic Development Corporation (Port EDC) in 1983 (Resolution 926) to facilitate local economic development and employment opportunities in the Port district (authorized by Section 103 of the IRS code).

The Port EDC board currently consists of the three elected Port Commissioners serving as president, vice president and secretary, and one Citizen member appointed by the Commission.  

Current Board Members

  • Joe Downing, Commissioner
  • Amy Evans Harding, Commissioner
  • Bob Iyall, Commissioner
  • Dan Neuhauser, Citizen at Large

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRB) are tax-exempt debt obligations issued by public corporations to support manufacturing, processing and utility-type economic development projects. As the issuing agency for these bonds in Thurston County, the Port EDC welcomes your interest in IDRB financing.

Small Cities Program

The intent of the Small Cities Program is to assist with projects that will contribute to local economic development. The program requires an equal cash match from the city. The Port awards the funds after the city has completed the project and submitted the required information.

Below is information about prior year awards.

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