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Port of Olympia and International Longshore Warehouse Union Local 47B Come to an Agreement

OLYMPIA — The Port of Olympia reached a significant milestone in the ongoing negotiations with the International Longshore Warehouse Union Local 47B when they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a 2023-2024 wage adjustment on Oct. 11, 2023.

The MOU is a significant step toward achieving a final contract and signifies a collaborative and good-faith effort between the Port of Olympia and Local 47B that addresses the needs and interests of both parties. This agreement reflects the commitment of both entities to work together toward a shared vision of growth, sustainability, and prosperity for the local community.

By working closely with Local 47B, the Port strengthens its position as a vital economic hub, while also prioritizing the welfare of its workforce and the surrounding community.

“We are pleased to have overcome an impasse and reach this agreement with Local 47B,” said Port of Olympia Interim Executive Director, Rudy Rudolph. “This collaboration demonstrates joint progress toward achieving a complete contract.”

Rudolph added that Local 47B representatives expressed their satisfaction with the agreement.

The MOU will be presented to the Port Commission for approval on Oct. 23.

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