March 25, 2024 Commission Meeting: 5:30 PM

Please find meeting details below. 

Recorded videos of Commission meetings are available to view shortly after each meeting.

Written public comments may be submitted to by 12:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting. All written comments will be compiled and sent to the Commissioners prior to the meeting.

Verbal public comment is accepted in person at the meeting.

If you are attending the meeting via Zoom, you may raise your hand during the meeting to give public comment.

For those listening by phone, press *9 if you wish to raise your hand and provide comment.


A.  Call to Order

B.  Pledge of Allegiance

C.  Approval of Agenda

D.  Executive Director Report

E.  Public Comment

Individual public comments are limited to 3 minutes per person.  Members of the public may comment on agenda items and other port business.

NOTE:  Guidelines for public comment can be found in the Commission Rules in Resolution 2022-09 Article VI.

  • Comments should be directed to Commission: Comments should be directed to the Commission as a whole and should not include comments about individual Port staff or members of the public.
  • Courtesy: All speakers (members of the public, Port staff, and Commissioners) shall be courteous in
    language and demeanor and shall confine remarks to those facts that are germane and relevant to the
    question or issue under discussion.

F.  Consent Calendar
    1.  Assignment of Lease – M&D Food, LLC
    2.  Bills and Vouchers for November 2023, Batch #44-47.5
        Warrants over $200,000:  None
        Bills and Vouchers for December 2023, Batch 49-52
        Warrants over $200,000:
            Dalton Olmsted & Fuglevand:  $263,192.45

G.  Pending Issues or Business
    1.  None

H.  Action Calendar
    1.  Surplus of Port Property/Capital Budget Amendment

I.  Action/Other Calendar
    1.  None

J.  Advisory Calendar
    1.  Contract Amendment – Phillips-Burgess
        Public Comment on Advisory Item
    2.  Lease Amendment #5 – Panattoni Option Lease Agreement
        Public Comment on Advisory Item

K.  Commissioner Reports/Discussion

L.  Other Business

M.  Meeting Announcements

N.  Adjourn

The event is finished.


Mar 25 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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