Planning Documents


The Port of Olympia Commission annually passes a Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements. This is the Port’s primary planning document.
The Port Commission periodically issues changes to the Port's Property Development Guidelines.

The Port of Olympia has prepared an Addendum to FEIS Minor Modifications to Port of Olympia Development Guidelines to addend the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Strategic Plan for the Port of Olympia.

Proposed Revisions to the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements (CSHI) & Development Guidelines

The Port of Olympia is proposing to amend the CSHI & Development Guidelines. The minor modifications to the CSHI being proposed include: removal of year specific Capital Investment Plan information, incorporating by reference the Commission approved 2016 Airport Master Plan Update, articulation of the Port's intention to prepare a Real Estate Development Master Plan for New Market, and additional information about the potential acquisition of Lacey properties and other potential future projects. The Port's Development Guidelines have been updated to reflect current conditions, to incorporate the 2016 adoption of the Airport Master Plan Update and to provide additional detail about Lacey properties and associated development guidelines.

Public Hearing

The Port Commission will hold a public hearing on amending the Port's Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements, including adopting Development Guidelines, on September 26, 2016 at 5:30PM in Percival Plaza, 626 Columbia Street NW, Suite 1-B, Olympia, WA. The Commission will meet on October 10, 2016 at 5:30PM to consider amending its Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements, including adopting Development Guidelines.

View the proposed revisions to the CSHI and Development Guidelines:

Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

On November 5, 2012 the Port of Olympia Commission unanimously approved the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan.