Light Industrial

These development areas are intended for light industrial uses, such as Cardinal CG.

A broad mix of uses is allowed in the light industrial development area, excluding residential. Uses may be aviation-related or non-aviation-related and will be recommended by the Port business team based on the overall fit with the goals of the Port.

Landscaping and architectural details with distinctive accent colors should serve to lessen the impact of larger buildings. Short, utility-friendly shade trees should line and define the property and indicate entrances. Landscaped berms are encouraged. Use of existing trees is required consistent with City of Tumwater ordinance.

Entrance canopies and plazas should be used to delineate the office entrance. Building materials such as metal, brick, masonry, glass, tile, stone or wood are allowed on the building facade.

Access to the area is provided off of Terminal Street or Armstrong Road on the southwest side of the airport, or 88th Street or future access roads at the southeast corner of the airport.

Buildings should be sited according to function or to facilitate compliance with City of Tumwater ordinance. Parking areas should be screened with landscaping.